1:1 Personalised Training

Personalised Labrador training to suit your needs

So, you have a Labrador but are not a fan of Online Training? Or perhaps want to learn some new skills or refine some existing ones? Or maybe you have recently rehomed a rescue Labrador and want to build that unbreakable bond? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take your Labrador for a walk without being dragged through the mud?

Whether you have completed the Tails of Success Online Puppy School, Foundation Skills Course or attended classes delivered by another trainer, there is always more to learn and room for improvement. Why we hear you ask – because practice makes perfect!

The Tails of Success 1:1 tailored training is an in-person (and dog!) tailored training programme designed to meet your specific goals and improve on areas that are a struggle. Following a similar approach to the Online Puppy School and Foundation Skills Course, our 1:1 tailored Training Package will get the very best out of you and your Labrador.

During your in-person training sessions, you and your Labrador will work directly with one of our skilled Labrador Trainers to target the specific behaviours or skills that matter most to you. Example target areas could include general obedience, recall, lead walking, reactivity, learning manners, or anxiety.

Your personalised training programme uses a range of techniques, including positive reinforcement and reward-based training. Our proven methods ensure we can establish and build trust, develop a solid bond between you and your Labrador and progressively train you both for the future – all whilst having fun!

Starting from 6 months old, right through to the grand old age of 13 (or older), the Tails of Success 1:1 tailored training is available to you and your Labrador whenever you need it most. It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

So, if you’re based in Wiltshire, UK or the surrounding areas and looking for 1:1 personalised training, we would love to welcome you to the Tails of Success family and be a part of your training journey.

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Still unsure? Why not check out our Google Reviews to see how this course has already helped so many Labradors worldwide.

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