Nutrition Advice

Keeping your Labrador happy & healthy

Most Labradors are well known for eating anything and everything. However, this isn’t the case for them all, and just because they eat it doesn’t mean it’s good for them!

Labradors can suffer from allergies or intolerances, so it’s essential to get their nutritional requirements correct.  The Tails of Success nutrition school is here to help you with all things food and nutrition-related for your Labrador, whether they are a developing puppy, a growing juvenile or a sedate senior citizen.

The type, amount and frequency that you feed your Labrador will vary depending on many factors, such as their age, medical history and activity level.  Putting the right food into your dog can impact their health, wellbeing, energy levels, and subsequently their behaviour. With that in mind, we want to guide you through the many choices of food types so you can consider all of the options available to give your Labrador the best diet for them.

Sam is our resident Canine Nutritionalist. As an owner of two Labradors, one of which requires a specialist diet, she knows all there is to know about Canine nutrition and what works best for Labradors.

The Tails of Success Nutrition School can help you find the right food type for your Labrador. We can develop meal plans for specific allergies or intolerances and identify suitable treats and supplements to support your Labrador to live a happy, healthy life.

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