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Regional meet-ups, social events & training webinars

At Tails of Success, we have a vast knowledge of Labradors, and we want to share that knowledge with the world, no matter where you are! Simply put, the more you know, the easier you will find it to develop strong bonds with your Labrador.

Understanding your Labrador, motivating them, and progressively training them takes time, perseverance, patience and can often lead to unavoidable expenses. Finding the time to train alongside your busy lives can be challenging and costly.

Tails of Success appreciate the challenges you face, but we also recognise the importance of making time to train. To support you, we have created a series of events and webinars on various subjects to equip you with bitesize sessions to equip you best to practice when is most convenient to you.

From Lead Walking, Recall, developing calmness, Food and Nutrition, Crate Training, Puppy Biting to Reactivity, we want to give you as much support and information as we can.

Our friendly community of Labrador owners meet regularly on our interactive webinars to hear about topics of interest to them and share experiences in an open forum. Here you will be able to ask our Labrador Trainers questions and gain invaluable guidance, knowledge and support, giving you the confidence to implement proven methods for success.

Our webinars usually sell out quickly, so be sure to sign up for our webinar alerts or check our full schedule and availability.

These events are extremely popular and sell out quickly due to limited numbers so book your spot today!

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New to the area? Want to meet up with other like-minded Labrador owners? Looking to socialise your Labrador in a safe environment with a trainer on hand?

We will be hosting regional meet-ups so you and your Labrador can meet, socialise and play with other Labradors in your area. Here, you will get an opportunity to meet some of the Tails of Success team, who will be on hand to answer questions you may have.

learn and share

There is so much to learn about your little pup which is why we love to share.  Tails of Success have created a Facebook Community for that very reason to share tails and tips, success stories and support.  Join us here and get a abundance of free help and support.